Are you a new pet owner? Do you have a dog and little children?       Do you want your kids to learn how to take care of your family pet?

dog board game

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Woof and me is the dog board game for you!

Woof and me is an extremely unique, fun board game designed to educate young children about pet care and responsibility.  This is the best dog board game out there!  What a fantastic way to help pets live a safe and healthy life!   Teach your kids about pet care, different dog breeds, dog needs, how to be a responsible pet owner and much more!     Ages 6+   2-5 players


BOARD GAME OBJECTIVE: Be the first player with the most bones at the finish to win the game  and choose another 4-legged friend from the Animal Shelter!  The bones display colorful and fun real life images of dogs receiving essentials like water, food, exercise, and more!  It’s a MUST SEE!  The dog game with educational value!

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