The Best Dog Ownership Board Game for Responsible Kids

Woof and me is a great educational dog game for kids!

Learn responsible pet care through this fun board game!  

board games - woof and me children's educational game about pet care and responsible pet ownership


Are you a new pet owner?   Do you have a dog and little children?    Do you want your kids to learn responsible pet care for your family pet?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Woof and me is one of the best animal care games for you!


Board games socially involve players and allow opportunities for families to spend quality time together.  Woof and me is easy to learn and stimulates conversation about a child’s all-time favorite topic:   ANIMALS!

Just like people, animals have feelings.  Children often share their secrets and private thoughts with their pet. Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility and provides lessons about life, birth, death, sickness and respect for other living creatures.

So, let’s educate young children with a fun, visual pet care game!  Out of all dog games for kids, Woof and me has proven to be wildly popular in after school programs!  Comments from educators include:

  •  “Children are enjoying playing Woof and me and learning without even realizing it!”  
  • “Easy money exchange using doggy dollars and basic counting makes learning fun and educational!” 
  • “The many colorful game cards have adorable pictures of dogs receiving essentials like food, water, health and more!”

Dogs are social animals and they give love unconditionally!  Woof and me game is a super-fun way to teach kids awareness in pet care responsibility, taking turns, counting, money exchange and accepting rewards and consequences!   Children can help family pets live a safe and healthy life!       Ages 5+   2-5 players

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