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 Dog Essentials and Caredog information for kids

Barkley’s Blessings  is a story about how essentials, such as food, water, shelter, health care, obedience, exercise, etc., affect your dog’s life.

Every person has a story.  So does every dog…
“Read and enjoy my life’s story!” Love, Barkley


Snuggling against my mother’s warm body felt safe. My five litter-mates squirmed close by. In the distance, I heard a human voice for the first time and I delighted in the kind caress that the human hand extended. The outstretched human finger softly stroked under my fuzzy chin. “You’re going to be a strong, healthy pup!” it said.  I sensed the sound coming from the human was good. I felt safe.

I was getting bigger now and my eyes could focus on my surroundings! As I peeked out of my big box, I wagged my tail when I saw human approach.   Two big hands reached toward me and lifted me into the air. I knew those kind secure hands by heart now. They never hurt me. I felt suction with a sound on the top of my head (kiss) followed by a warm soft voice “I love you little boy!” Every day, new little humans touched my furry head, tried to cuddle my squirmy body and made funny little human sounds. I liked humans!

Weeks passed. My tummy rumbled a lot because I was growing so fast. The humans now put down pans of food three times a day. My litter-mates and I always scrambled to the pan, bumping and shoving each other for the best spot! Life is fun! Playing, exploring, learning, competing and chewing on….ummmm….everything!

One day, a lot of humans visited our home and my littermates slowly started disappearing. I missed them! I searched for them everywhere. They never came back. The following morning, I decided to find them. I squeeeeeeeeezed under the gate and escaped into a vast area of rock and tall weeds. Wow! I’m free! Nothing I have ever seen before. How exciting! I trotted up a hill, jumped into a puddle (slurp slurp slurp), rolled down a hill, jumped over this big rock, squeezed between tiny places, and ran some more! So much to see and HEAR! As I trotted and trotted, my tummy started grumbling (chomp, chomp on some flowers). I was hungry and ….. where was I? OH NO! Nothing looks familiar!   I started getting scared as the sun started to set. It was getting dark. It was getting cold. I was alone…

©Woof and me

Food  and  water

Morning!  I felt the warmth of the sun on my back as my eyes slowly opened. Human touch stroked my back.  The new human spoke and I think the words were kind.  Then he lifted me up off the ground and tucked me into a soft place next to his beating heart.  I was warm now.   I peeked out from the warm jacket.  I bounced to the rhythm of his walk for a long, long time.   We finally walked into a little house and the new human reached into the jacket and pulled me out, sat me on the kitchen floor and opened a can of food and laid it down before me.   I wiggled with excitement and my insides felt warm with the welcomed food.  I drank the water the human put down too!    The new human made those funny little kind sounds! “Hey buddy!  It’s going to be hard to find out who you belong to since you don’t have any  identification!”  I just wagged my tail really, really hard!  Is this my new home?  “HHHHIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSsssss”.  My body tingled with fear… What was that sound?

©Woof and me

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