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Woof and me, an educational dog board game, is a great gift for kids and families!  Thank you for joining us in teaching children to value and respect our animal friends!


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           Be Responsible!  Teach Responsibility!

            dog care games

        Why play Woof and me?

Children learn through play and what a great opportunity to spend quality time with them. Turn off the television and enjoy moments of talking and listening to one another while playing an entertaining board game about a child’s all-time favorite topic: ANIMALS!

Woof and me is FUN and EDUCATIONAL and can involve the entire family. Because it’s fun, children often become very absorbed in what they are doing. In turn, this helps them develop the ability to concentrate and express themselves!

Board games have been around forever. Important social skills like communicating verbally, taking turns, sharing , waiting and enjoying conversation with others all help develop a child’s verbal skills for communication with others later on in life. Children often learn by watching. By counting out loud, your child will quickly grasp the basic fundamentals of number recognition and encourage the ability to count. Doggy dollars help the youngest of players understand simple money exchange!

The best play occurs when the adult plays alongside the child, rather than just providing the toys or supervising. The interaction enables parents to learn more about their kids and kids to learn more about their parents. (The same applies to you and your dog!) Technological games focus on the screen, whereas, in board games, players usually focus on each other.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of engaging in friendly competition, communicating verbally and just down right having fun together! Invest time with your children by playing Woof and me and learn important pet care responsibility, virtues and good deeds.

Woof and me  ~  The educational dog board game families can cherish!