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 Join us in teaching kids to value and respect our animal friends!

Whether you are preparing to get a puppy or a grown dog, it is important for children to learn how to be a responsible pet owner. Your dog will rely on you for its entire life.

Please be prepared to:

  • Supply water, food, healthcare and shelter.
  • Show patience and kindness in reinforcing good manners, obedience, teaching tricks, and socialization.
  • Enjoy time together by exercising or just playing.
  • Keep your dog healthy, safe, happy and loved.
  • Make the commitment to take care of your dog it’s whole life!

Children enjoy taking an active role in caring for their pet. Along with learning responsible pet care, children can also learn compassion. Dogs give unconditional love, hold no grudges nor expectations!

As the HSUS teaches, “Through helping to care for a pet, children also learn to care for their fellow human beings. There is an established link between how people treat animals and how they treat each other. Kindness to animals is a lesson that benefits people, too.”

Woof and me  ~  The dog game for kids that will leave paw prints on your heart!