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pet games for kids

This page is all about the kids!   We want to make sure you’re prepped and ready for the Woof and me pet care board game to arrive and that you know the important things about taking care of your dog. Below are some very important things you need to know about taking care of your dog and how to be a good pet owner!


  • pet games for kidsThe importance of water!   Water is the most important of all nutrients for dogs. Dogs should have free access to water at all times – inside and outside. In the hot summer months, water can evaporate so be sure to keep their bowl full! In the winter, water can freeze – keep a close eye on it! When you exercise or travel with your dog, be sure to share your water!


  • pet games for kidsFeed your dog every day!  It is important to feed your dog every day with high quality food.  Stay on a regular feeding schedule suitable to your dog’s health and age!



  • pet games for kidsDogs need healthcare too! Dogs need healthcare just like people do. You can do basic things like bathe, brush their hair, check and clean their teeth and ears, trim their nails and watch for ticks, fleas and worms. If your dog seems sick or in pain, get help from a Veterinarian!


  • pet games for kidsExercise your dog! Your dog has LOTS of energy so exercise is very important. To release this energy, they need to walk, run, swim or fetch every day. Exercise keeps your dog healthy. Make up fun activities to keep your dog moving!



  • pet games for kidsSocialize and introduce your dog to new places, people and other animals. Include them in your family outings. Dog parks, parks, pet stores or walking on a leash in public places will allow them to become more comfortable in our world. And remember to always ask permission to pet another person’s dog!


  • pet games for kidsCelebrate birthdays!   Being a pet owner is a long term commitment. Love and enjoy your dog from puppy-hood to old age!



  • pet games for kidsShelter!   Dogs need shelter to survive hot and cold temperatures. If your dog stays outside, shade is extremely important in the summer months. In cold weather, an insulated dog house will protect your pet from wind, rain or snow!



  • pet games for kids Spay/NeuterSpaying is an operation to prevent female animals     from having babies. Neutering is an operation to prevent male animals from fathering babies. A Veterinarian is a doctor who treats animals and can perform these operations!



  • pet games for kidsProblems have Solutions!   Your pet depends on you for a safe, happy and healthy life. Pick up after your dog and be a responsible pet owner!



  • pet games for kidsPlay is the foundation of a healthy relationship between you and your dog.  Time spent playing together will allow both of you to find out about each other. Do fun things together!



  • pet games for kidsLove!   Dogs love attention because it makes them feel good! Remember to show your dogs that you love them!




  • pet games for kidsObedience!   A trained dog can be allowed more freedom and is a pleasure to take places. By teaching your dog basic manners like sit, down, come, stay and heel, he will learn what you want him to do and how to behave!  Dogs love to please you, so be patient with them and make sure they are learning obedience!


  • pet games for kidsWorking Dogs!   For hundreds of years, dogs have been trained to help humans do many useful jobs.  Thus, a dog’s companionship and his loyalty have earned him the nickname “man’s best friend”!



  • pet games for kidsTricks will help channel your dog’s energy. When you teach tricks and assign tasks to dogs, it gives them purpose. Dogs love to learn and please you!



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pet games for kids