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We know you’ll love the game – all these kids did!  Read on for testimonials from individuals who purchased, and loved the exceptionally fun dog game,  Woof and me!


Dog Board Game Testimonials

“The children are enjoying playing it and learning without even realizing it.  LOL  It is also a fun social time as we talk about our pets and care of them as we are playing the game.” – Esperanza Lobo Clubhouse

I played Woof and Me tonight with my grandkids (ages 12 & 8) and they loved it.  The game is interesting and fun and the length of time required to complete a game is just right.  Everyone wanted to play again and we did.  I’m honored to appear as one of the game’s veterinarians.” – Larry Baum, DVM

Hope Rescues is having a trivia fundraiser at the end of the month and we are going to raffle off the Woof and me game or use them for door prizes. I think it’s a fantastic game. Thanks” – Mauri and Dana Taylor

We got Woof and me in the mail today!  A really high quality game!” – Joe Wicks, Nebraska

Woof and me game provides children with the things that give them a little piece of home, making a tremendous difference during their stay. It brightens the lives of so many kids at Phoenix Children’s.” – Phoenix Children’s Hospital

I am an animal Health Technician since 1981 and a real advocate for responsible pet care. I thank you for your efforts.” – Linda Hunt

Thank you for sharing Woof and me with Maryland School. Our 3rd grade after school team used it several times. They appreciated the ease with which the game was learned. Thanks for sharing!” – Joan Rolfes

I have used the game in my classroom a few times. The kids liked playing the game, it was very attractive and good reinforcement for money skills,” – Francine Campagna, K-6 Interventionist Camp Bello E.S.

Oooh, we played Woof and me for the first time today and my 8 year old really enjoyed it. She loved her little dog!”  – Marian Harris

“I’m going to be hosting an event in Chandler AZ in one week for Red Rovers “My dog is Cool” to educate on NOT leaving your dog in a hot car and I bought 4 of your games to do a FREE drawing, It will be at a Home Depot and at the same time there will be many kids there for their weekend kids classes…thought your game would be a great prize drawing…we have to educate the future animal advocates of the world at a young age!” – Laura Petersen

Woof was a big hit!  We had to split the group into teams so everyone got a chance to play.  We played it again the week after.  The kids are fighting over who gets to be the banker.  It was wonderful.”  – Sara Morowczynski, AmeriCorps*/Communities in Schools, Solano Elementary School

“I am the coordinator of Summer School and we have a Jr Vets Class.  This is perfect for this class.  My own daughter played it and loved it.” –  Yvonne Pilling, Second Grade Teacher, Mercury Mine Elementary School

“I received the game, a wonderful work!  Best regards from Germany” – Gerald Zinni

“We played this game in our after school academy class.  I played it with Kindergarteners through 1st grade.  They loved picking their dogs.  It took us a little while to get the game going with five and six year olds but once we started playing they loved it.  I was actually able to keep them engaged with all the pictures and reading about dogs. We have it scheduled to be played again! I let my fourth graders play it as well since they love dogs.  They really enjoyed the whole game and recently asked me if they could play it again.  It really is an adorable game”  – Carrie Zive John Jacobs Elementary After School Academy

“We love this game!”  – Brown Dog Foundation

“We love this game and we had fun playing it!  We have sold out of the games at the Rescued Treasurers Charity Boutique Store (where you donated games).   All customers are happy!  It truly is a well made game!” – Laura Petersen PACC 911 and Amanda, Arizona Director of the HSUS.

dog board games

“My Great Gramma sent me and my brother this game.  I love the game you have created.  I love the golden retriever on the front.  I have one of my own!  My favorite part is that it teaches you to take care of a dog and at the same time, a really fun game!  Thank you for making this.  I bet everybody will like it!” –  Scout Age 9  Sumner, Washington


In the News:  A Pet Care Game for Kids

Woof and me is proud to be featured across a variety of news channels, blogs and more! Read on for some of the most recent news on Woof and me.

My kids are young, but my 5 year old loved playing this game and needed minimal help.  [My kids] got a kick out of playing with “Doggy Dollars!”  As a teacher, I was thrilled that we often were able to speak about problems and solutions during the game.  For example, if your dog is a hot, that’s a problem, but a solution could be offering shade.” – Nancy, A Frog in My Soup

Woof and Me is a very unique board game that enables kids to learn all about responsible pet care and simple money skills, while playing a game that focuses on how to properly care for a pet.  This is a fun way to prepare kids for a new pet adoption.  As they play the game, they learn about pet care, adopting from a shelter, the costs of caring for a pet and more.” – Rachel Harris, AZ Family