Woof and me Board Game

Learn responsible pet care with this fun educational board game for kids!Learn responsible pet care through this fun board game!

Woof and me is one of the best dog board games for kids out there! This super-fun board game teaches families (and new pet owners) pet care, different dog breeds, dog needs and how to be a responsible pet owner.

LET’S PLAY!  Woof and me is a fun educational game your kids will love!  The object of this game about dogs is to collect bone cards along the winding game path.  The player with the most bones at finish wins the game and gets to choose another dog from the animal shelter!

dog games for kids | dogs need water

What does YOUR dog need?  Find out by drawing the adorable bone cards which contain colorful real life images of dogs receiving important needs like water, food, exercise, health, shelter and more!

Doggy Dollars are used to pay for items your dog needs and players can also earn doggy dollars!  It’s fun to learn important pet care needs through playing Woof and me!  Visit the dog park along the colorful game path.  Exercise is important for your dog and is beneficial for your health too!

board games for kids | what to do if your dog is sick


If you land on a black PAW space on the board, lose one bone card and read the solution to the problem your dog might have!  Learn important pet care needs.

This dog game for kids shows that fresh water and food are very important for your pet. Identify your dog in the game (and in real life!) by supplying him with a collar and tag to ensure a greater chance of safe return. This educational pet care game shows kids and adults examples of obedience training.  Find out how socialization can allow your pet to feel more comfortable in our world.

educational board games for kids / | your dog needs water

New vocabulary words like spay and neuter, rabies and license are introduced!

Some other dog needs illustrated in Woof and me include colorful images of proper health care, shelter, tricks, love, doing fun things together and more!  A dog can make a home feel warm and comfortable!  All ages can play this family board game and learn about pet care.  Woof and me is truly one of the most entertaining and educating dog games for kids!

What you and your family will learn playing Woof and me:

  • The importance of water
  • Feed your dog every day
  • Dogs need healthcare too
  • Exercise your dog
  • Socializationpet care board game |money exchange and counting
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Shelter
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Problems have Solutions
  • Play
  • Love
  • Obedience
  • Working Dogs
  • Tricks

Additional Objectives of the Woof and me  Board Game:

  • Buy things your dog needs
  • Earn money through proper pet careLearn about problems dogs might have and solutions to those problems with the fun game about dogs, Woof and me!
  • Keep your dog safe and healthy
  • Identify over 100 different dog breeds
  • Understand spaying and neutering
  • Simple counting and money exchange
  • Easy to learn and socially involves players
  • Become a responsible pet owner
  • Identify problems that dogs face – and how to solve those problems

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